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As a prefabricated building demonstration cities in China and China's earliest research prefabricated building decorate city, Shanghai with advanced ideas and positive attitude to promote prefabricate
As a prefabricated building demonstration cities in China and China's earliest research prefabricated building decorate city, Shanghai with advanced ideas and positive attitude to promote prefabricated buildings, and issued some necessary incentives, reduce the cost of development, encourage enterprises application, promote the development of the technology to the ground, to maximize the whole life cycle of building green efficiency.
"19" adhere to the development of green China route is determined, and the traditional way of building construction because of its high energy consumption, low efficiency and environmental pollution factors such as difficult to adapt the concept of green development. Shanghai on the basis of the "green building" the swimmer, take the lead in practice of "house" built like cars, high-speed development, related industry chain construction of prefabricated construction since 2014 has been for three consecutive years have multiplied, total more than thirty million square meters.
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